Health and Safety Training in Essex

So often in the workplace, health and safety are overlooked. Instead of prioritising health and safety for business growth and success, it is dismissed as an unnecessary expense.

Did you know that around 31.2 million work days are lost per year in the UK because of work-related ill health and injuries? With the financial implications of lost time, is it time your business looked at the need for health and safety training?

At Tekas, we can help. We offer practical and effective health and safety training in Essex.

Why health and safety training matters

Worryingly, in the UK, 200 people are killed each year as a result of accidents at work, and over one million people suffer an injury at work. With this in mind, for the livelihood of your business and the protection and welfare of employees, health and safety training is essential.

Training can help to prevent accidents in the workplace, which will protect your business from potential lawsuits as well as reduce the costs related to the time off work. Training also helps to ensure that you have competent employees, who can complete tasks safely and create an improved workplace culture that gives focus to health and safety.

Benefits of Tekas health and safety training in Essex

At Tekas, we know that the right health and safety training can make all the difference to businesses. We work with your business to deeply understand your needs so that we can offer the most appropriate training for you.

We want health and safety to be a pleasure, not a burden for your business. Our effective training helps to ensure that best practice with health and safety in mind, becomes second nature to all of your workers, regardless of their roles and responsibilities.

Why choose Tekas health and safety training?

With our health and safety training, we provide many benefits to your business, such as;

  • Reduce the financial costs of accidents and ill health at work
  • Improve the morale and attitude of staff
  • Can help to ensure your business is compliant with legal health and safety training duties
  • Helps to create a positive and productive health and safety culture
  • Ensures staff are competent in their roles.

At Tekas we offer a range of health and safety training depending on your business requirements. From classroom-based training to e-learning, we have the right training programme to meet your needs and help your business to create a stronger, safer workforce.

TEKAS offer a range of Classroom Training and E-Learning Courses as well as Health and Safety Consultancy, Site Audits and Workplace Inspections.

We are Health and Safety Consultants based in Essex.

Tekas seek to assist small to medium sized businesses from all sectors including construction, manufacturing, print, transport, automotive, warehousing and service industries in meeting their legal obligations with regard to the Health and Safety at Work Act and other relevant legislation.

At TEKAS we provide a consultancy service that works with and for clients, understanding their business and advising them on the measures required to achieve compliance. Our goal is to lead your company to self sufficiency within an agreed period of time.

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